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About SDC?


Start operating in Abu Dhabi, UAE; SDC is a nationally licensed and recognized debt collection company established to provide the highest level of services with a multi- level care, consisting of attention, confidentiality and high quality. We provide the additional value to your credit management program by being an authorized company that helps to recover bad debts from individuals and commercial credits and to provide solutions for your growing needs.

Based on legal & management backgrounds we are dedicated to settle financial disputes and thereby saving the money & time for our clients. We aim to maintain high market standards and achieve our customers’ goals by providing the best and professional collection services across the UAE. Our priorities include providing transparent rules of conducted activity – continuously in line with the law-, flexible and customized approach to every customer with the help of a knowledgeable, well- experienced and competent team. We are a team of legal professionals, collectors and management focused on achieving success by efficiency, professionalism and quick response, these represent the significant reasons why we are the first resort for solution to our clients’ roughest collection issues

About Logo
Our Mission

“SDC believe we exist to provide the best service. SDC constantly focusing on quick response, profound investigation and customer service. SDC consider the customer case as our own and work towards achieving significant results of turn around". SDC not only focus on our customers, but also on their clients to maintain the professional relationship, thus, both the customers and their clients are our number one priority. SDC don’t settle for anything less than excellence and we ensure providing a simplified, hassle free process that enables substantial customer’s costs reduction.

Our Vision

To be the first award-winning organization in the field of debt collection and financial services within the coming months. SDC acquire the best talents in the markets to build an excellent experienced team that will earn customer loyalty and be able to provide an educated consultation and advice. SDC achieve customer satisfaction by providing a top class service and setting the standards of excellence, and assure professional services based on partnership and trust.

Core Values

Client Interest is always our First Priority

Customer Satisfaction

Understanding customer needs and the efforts exerted to satisfy them comes always on top of our priorities.


We use effective controlling methods to ensure the safety and confidentiality of customers’ data in our systems with preventive. Measures against data misuse.


Our key priority and focus is to gain customer trust.


SDC is continuously keen on providing quality service, hence, we always pursue the highest level of systems, operations and staff.


Honesty, efficiency and dependability are the main core of our system and workforce.


SDC observes, identifies and complies with all national laws, regulations and customers’ policies

Our Services

We proudly offer our Services to Banks, Companies and Individuals

SDC is fully equipped with expert team of advocates & legal consultants in collecting, settling, negotiating and managing debts from various clients and debtors. We conduct direct meetings with clients and settle their challenges as professionally and swift as possible through our well-experienced team. We have a vast experience in handling all the legal affairs & cases in relation to different types of loans, credit cards & all other transactions. We offer to represent you -as our customer- before all courts of various types & degrees & public institutions, arbitration boards and third parties all over the UAE.

Bounced Cheques

Quality, Compliance, Confidentiality, integrity and credibility are the foundation of our organization.

Receivables Management

We believe we exist to provide the best service.

UnCertain Loans

We are constantly focusing on quick response, profound investigation and customer service.